Why Sapiens?

 Welcome and thank you for being here.

From father to son (how everything started)

Hello. My name is Jorge, I'm a Mechanical Engineer who has a passion for carpentry for as long as I can remember. Carpentry has always been a side hustle for me, so, to keep my passion alive, in 2020 I built a workshop (see pic below) where everything started. Now, Sapiens Child is a reality. In 2021 I quit my 9 to 5, started Sapiens Child, moved to a proper warehouse and kept this dream alive. 

A passion ignited

When my first child Santiago was born it ignited my wife’s true passion for Montessori Education; she fell in love with childhood development. She read books, went to classes, and applied what she had learned at home. However, she didn't stop there, she spread her passion to me. This was the start to creating handmade furniture and toys for my son to truly enjoy. 

From Father to Son

A small space doesn't have to feel small

I’ve seen furniture for children in stores and online, but I couldn’t find items small enough to fit several in my cozy Vancouver apartment. If I have this problem, others must have it as well, so, does a small space have to feel small? Not at all. 

Luckily, I had found myself a new excuse to continue to turn my side hustle into a business. I started my journey to create adorable learning experiences for children and provide delightful solutions that would fit in small spaces without making them feel small.

Wise Child

Sapiens is derived from a Latin word that means ‘wise’ and this translates to ‘Wise Child’. We are all familiar with the phrase "children's minds are like sponges," expanding every day, getting more experienced and knowledgeable; it’s amazing how eager a child is to learn new things. That's why Sapiens Child strives to bring to you products that will contribute to your child's development. 

Follow Your Monkey

All the products and designs are based on Montessori Method of Education concepts. The idea is to build confidence, promote order, and trust your child’s instinct to develop on their own by exploring independence,  while you set the right environment to promote learning based on self-interest. Follow your child's curiosity. Sapiens Child provides the right tools to help set the right environment and to enable your child's growth in the best way possible. Remember, follow your little monkey.


 Follow the MONKEY

Montessori Toddler Furniture - Cute Monkey Pacifier



I can't thank enough the following people who dedicated quality time and energy into making Sapiens a reality:

Daniela López - Logo Design - IG @dalomx

Andrea Iñurria - Photography - IG @andinurria  -  www.andreainurria.com

Andrea Kababie - 3D modeling & Rendering - IG @andrea_kababie

Rodrigo Munguia - Template design - IG @trimstudiovancouver

Alejandra Lopez (my wife), since she noticed that I’m never as happy as when I spend time in my workshop, so she gave me a big push into putting the effort and making SAPIENS CHILD a reality.