Montessori table and chair for toddlers
Monessori for toddlers chair and table vancouver
Montessori tale and chair weaning table for children home school vancouver
PAPAYA Set - Table and Chair Adjustable Height
Montessori chair and table children furniture for home
Adjustable Toddler Eating Table and Chair
Wooden Adjustable Toddler Activity Montessori Table and Chair
Toddler food set and table
Adjustable Wooden Toddler Montessori Table and Chair
Adjustable Wooden Toddler Montessori Table
Wooden Adjustable Toddler Montessori Chair

PAPAYA Set - Table and Chair Adjustable Height

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The perfect weaning table. Allow your tiny tot a great learning experience with the Papaya Set Adjustable Table and Chair. This crafted wooden set comes with a provision for height adjustment, catering to your child's needs as they grow up. Going by the Montessori method, with these uniquely crafted products by their side, your little monkey will learn based on self-interest. The set is sturdy and stable, keeping your toddler safe as they sit on it.

Thanks to its compact design, this one is a great fit for small spaces. You can store it in your child's playroom, and also carry it around to other rooms. Its sleek and stylish design makes it an appealing addition to your room while serving your little one's needs at the same time. As your toddler learns to stand and sit on their own, this chair and table set will allow them to explore their newly-acquired skills without any hindrance, leading them to become self-dependent individuals in the future. They can continue using the set for quite some time, as you can adjust the height whenever required.

So what are you waiting for? Present this thoughtful gift to your child today, and let them experience the joys of life, one sitting at a time!




A great solution for SMALL SPACES. INDEPENDENCE to come and go and use it as long as they need to.
EASY TO CARRY and play with your child's space layout. Easier TRANSITION to a regular-sized sitting chair (vs a high chair).
STYLISH DESIGN that will bring harmony inside your home.
ADJUSTABLE seat height to meet your child's growing needs. 



  • Designed for toddlers aged 12 to 42 months old.
  • Chair adjustable heights: 7" and 8".
  • Chair: 13.5" W x 12.4" D x  15" H.
  • Table adjustable heights: 12" and 13".
  • Table: 22.2" W x 18.3" D x  15.2" H.
  • All corners and edges are intentionally rounded for safety.
  • Made in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Every product is unique.


*This product ships flat (unassembled). It includes super easy-to-follow assembly instructions. 

*Remember, never leave your child unattended.