GUAVA Bookshelf
Cute Wood Toddler Montessori Bookshelf. Book shelf. Book organizer
Adorable bookshelf for toddlers
Adorable Wood Toddler Montessori Bookshelf

GUAVA Bookshelf

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An adorable handmade wooden small-sized book organizer for toddlers. The Guava Bookshelf is specifically designed for your children to have access to the books they are interested in. Following the Montessori principle, less is more, Guava displays the right amount of books in a beautiful way. 

As all Sapiens furniture, it is specifically designed for small spaces.




A great solution for SMALL SPACES. INDEPENDENCE to use the book your children are interested in.
EASY TO CARRY and play with your child's space layout. A great way for your children to pick books IN AND OUT of the shelf.

STYLISH DESIGN that will bring harmony inside your home.
LESS IS MORE. Limited amount of book space to display only what your child needs. 
LESS MESS in your space.

An adorable way for your child to LEARN BY INTEREST. 


  • Designed for toddlers aged 12 to 42 months old.
  • 19.8" W x 8.75" D x  15.2" H.
  • All corners and edges are intentionally rounded for safety.
  • Made in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Every product is unique since it's handmade.


*The dimensions are for reference only. They may vary slightly since every product is handmade and unique. 

*Do not leave your child unattended. 

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