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Ditch the High Chair. Go Montessori.



Hi friend,

As a mom of 2 boys and an AMI Certified Montessori Educator, I've navigated the sea of parenting advice and products, including the great high chair versus table and chair debate. At first, I too reached for the high chair, looking to keep mealtime within bounds. But I then switched and it opened my eyes—and I hope it can do the same for you.


Why should I switch from a high chair to a table and chair?


It’s a question many of us moms find ourselves asking, especially with Google's sea of conflicting advice. Let me share firsthand how making the switch can transform mealtime and beyond:

  • Independence and confidence are paramount. If you offer your child the choice to sit or leave the table will teach them about decision-making and will give them a sense of self-assurance.
  • Comfort and posture matter more than we realize. A chair where they can rest their feet flat and have their back supported is what we adults get and prefer—why not offer the same to our little ones?
  • Participation in family chores becomes doable. Your child can now help set up and clean their space, giving them practical life skills that are way more important than we realize.
  • The Multipurpose functionality. It becomes a hub for drawing, playing, and exploring creativity.


But, isn’t a high chair easier to manage?


I thought so too! However, having a setup that adapts to your child’s growth, like the Papaya Table & Chair Set with its adjustable height, really backs up their development and grows with them. When you look at the big picture and the long-term benefits, the convenience of a high chair just doesn't stack up against the lasting advantages of encouraging your child’s independence and skills with a table and chair.


What about safety and mess?


A valid concern for any parent! Transitioning to a table and chair requires a shift in how we view mealtime safety and cleanliness. Choose a table and chair designed with these concerns in mind, such as the Papaya Table and Chair from Sapienschild, which conveniently has borders that reduce the mess (in the ground at least) making it easier to clean. I highly recommend having a small spray bottle with water and soap and a clean towel so that they can be the ones to clean after every meal.



Is it okay to still have a high chair?


Absolutely! Every family’s journey is unique. If you’re not ready to part with your high chair, consider incorporating both into your routine. This way, you can observe your child’s response and make a gradual transition that feels right for your family.


At the end it’s all about you and your baby or toddler.


It's really not about replacing what you've got but about embracing new opportunities. At the heart of it, what matters most is the love and support we give our children. Whatever choices you make, know that providing them with love is the greatest gift of all.



Until next time,

A friend in the journey of motherhood.


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