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ELEPHANT Head - From The Savann To Your Wall

ELEPHANT Head - From The Savann To Your Wall

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What's the difference between Maple and Birch?

    Made from beautiful high-end thick 3/4" Maple plywood.

    Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our extraordinary Elephant Majesty Wooden Wall Decor! Unleash the magic of nature and artistry in the most captivating way imaginable! These whimsical elephant designs are an absolute must-have for nature enthusiasts and animal lovers, transforming your little one's bedroom into a captivating safari wonderland. Our exquisite wooden creations bring a perfect balance of creativity and simplicity, expanding their imaginative horizons and igniting a sense of awe-inspiring wonder.

    Crafted with love from premium, non-toxic maple plywood, our Elephant Majesty Wall Decor enchants your space with a harmonious blend of beauty, serenity, and pure imagination. Whether it's your baby's room, a toddlers' haven, or a creative oasis for kids, its meticulously layered construction and elegantly minimalistic design add a touch of captivating depth and a dash of enchantment. Let our Wood Elephant Wall Art breathe life into your home, seamlessly merging the untamed wilderness with undeniable charm and creativity! Embrace the majesty of the animal kingdom and add an irresistible touch to your little one's room decor today, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

    Specs & Measurements

    How to Install

    Designed for your convenience, it's a breeze to install. Just a few steps, peel-and-stick hanging strips, and boom! It's up. Need to change it? No problem! They come off easily. Get ready for a transformation in under 2 minutes!


    • W: 2.9  (7.4 cm)
    • L: 21.6"  (58.5 cm)
    • H: 22" (55 .8 cm)


    Maple plywood, birch plywood and white melamine. We choose these woods for their good looks, sturdiness, and eco-friendliness. They meet the strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards, ensuring they are safe for indoor air and environmentally friendly. This choice reflects our commitment to environmental care and delivering top-quality, safe products.

    Natural Maple Plywood - It's got a smooth, hand-varnished finish and edges we tint just a bit to give it that cool, minimalist Scandinavian vibe. Plus, it’s a bit lighter in color, giving it a fresh, modern look.

    Natural Birch Plywood - This one comes pre-finished from our supplier for a nice, clear look. We hand-seal the edges to enhance the layers’ natural patterns, and it's got a slightly, just slightly richer hue than maple, which really warms up the place.

    White Melamine - for all the white parts that you see in the pictures, to bring a nice neutral balance to your space.

    More about CARB 2 and TSCA Title VI

    CARB 2 is a California regulation that sets strict limits on formaldehyde emissions from hardwood plywood, particleboard, and MDF. It mandates third-party certification and periodic testing to ensure products comply with these standards.

    TSCA Title VI is a federal regulation under the Toxic Substances Control Act. It establishes national formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products, aligning closely with CARB 2. This regulation requires third-party certification and proper labelling.

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    Most furniture stores will make you wait for weeks, if not months, before shipping your product. At Sapiens Child, we try our best to have your product ready to ship within one day after placing your order, so you can enjoy it sooner and spend less time waiting.

    If you come to our store you can take it home right away.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Rounded corners, steady, non-toxic & eco-friendly materials.

    • Design for toddler-size dimensions.

    • Designed to fit all spaces.

    • The only one made in Vancouver, Canada