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The Best Montessori Floor Bed for Toddlers
APPLE - Floor Bed
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APPLE - Floor Bed

APPLE - Floor Bed

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Mindfully Minimal

Presenting a new addition to your child's room– our Montessori Floor Bed! This simple piece of furniture is backed by a great school of thought– that of Dr. Maria Montessori's. If you wish to raise your child the Montessori way, a floor bed will be an essential part of your child's growing up. Montessori believed that a child's environment has to be optimal to enable him/her to explore the world around them. 

When your little one is stuck inside a crib, all they see around them is bars or obstacles. They don't have the agency to roam around according to their own will and explore their surroundings– they are constantly dependent on the caregiver. When you switch to a simple Montessori floor bed, you are letting go of the bars. You are opening up the world in front of your child, where they have the independence to move freely and feed their curiosity, from the very moment they wake up. 

At A Glance: Benefits of Using A Montessori Floor Bed

  • Teaches the child about independence and autonomy 
  • They get a sense of control for the first time 
  • Provides freedom of movement and exploration 
  • Helps develop spatial awareness 

What Makes Our Montessori Floor Bed Special? 

    • Hassle-free Design: This bed is simple yet functional– just the right kind to inculcate the idea of independence in your child's mind. 
    • Adjustable Shelves: The bed comes with spacious shelves on the front side, adjustable on 4 different levels. Let your child decide what they want to keep on the shelf– and let them have a taste of autonomy, and boost their confidence.
    • Sturdy Material: This Montessori bed is crafted from premium quality, sturdy materials, to ensure maximum safety and durability. 

So don't settle for a regular bed or a crib! Get this Montessori Floor Bed for your child today, and allow them to live their best life! 

*This item is designed to be used with a crib-size mattress.

**Mattress and accessories not included.




A great solution for SMALL SPACES.

Provides AUTONOMY and freedom of movement.

EASY TO CARRY and play with your child's space layout.

Easier TRANSITION to a regular-sized bed.

STYLISH DESIGN that will bring harmony inside your home.




  • Best for toddlers aged 9 months old to 4-year-old kids.
  • Assembly time: 20 minutes - 1 person.
  • Bed Dimensions:
    W: 29.13" 
    L: 62.2" 
    H: 11.4"
  • Mattress size: Crib Size
    W: 26.5" - 27.5"
    L:  51" - 52"
    H: 4" - 6"
  • All corners and edges are intentionally rounded for safety.
  • Made in Vancouver, Canada.
  • Every product is unique.

*Mattress is not included.

**This product ships flat (unassembled). It includes super easy-to-follow assembly instructions. 

***Never leave your child unattended. 

****Make sure the room is safe for the child to wander around.

*****Place the bed less than 1.5 inches or at least 12 inches away from the wall.