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NIMBUS Clouds - Magic & Wonder for Your Little Dreamer

NIMBUS Clouds - Magic & Wonder for Your Little Dreamer

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    Step into the whimsical world of Wooden Clouds – where dreams take flight and creativity soars high!

    Calling all super moms and crafty parents! We've got the perfect wall decor to turn your kiddo's room into a fantasy land. Crafted with love from thick ¾" of beautiful maple plywood, these clouds are not your ordinary wall hangings. 

    Why settle for boring walls when you can have clouds that are cute and oh-so-stylish?  These cloud-shaped masterpieces are not just a pretty face; they're functional too! Say hello to the genius pegs, ready to hold all your mini Picasso's artworks, family pics, dashing hats, and all those delightful little trinkets they love.

    Made for modern parents with an eye for elegance, these clouds flaunt their natural wood color like a badge of honor. Timeless and chic, they effortlessly blend into any room theme – be it pastel perfection, wild adventure, or funky colors!

    Oh, did we mention that installation is as easy as ABC? No rocket science here, just pure magic! Simply use Command 3M picture hanging strips (included) to effortlessly mount these clouds. Hang them up and watch your child's imagination whisk away to magical realms, all while adding a sprinkle of creativity to their little abode.

    Specs & Measurements

    How to Install

    Designed for your convenience, it's a breeze to install. Just a few steps, peel-and-stick hanging strips, and boom! It's up. Need to change it? No problem! They come off easily. Get ready for a transformation in under 2 minutes!



    • W: 3/4"  (1.9 cm)
    • L: 11.5"  (29.2 cm)
    • H: 16.3" (41.5 cm)


    • W: 3/4"  (1.9 cm)
    • L: 17.75"  (45 cm)
    • H: 24.4" (62 cm)


    Natural Maple Plywood


    • Columbia’s formaldehyde-free decorative panels also conform to U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards
    • CARB - California Air Resources Board (CARB) Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) referenced by LEED V4. PureBond® technology utilizes formaldehyde-free, soy-based assembly technology
    • FSC® CERTIFICATION - (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified for chain of custody by the Rainforest Alliance. FSC® certified panels are available upon request.

    Varnish & Finishes

    We use clear gloss Ecos Paints Varnish. Ecos Paints Varnish is a non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly, VOC-free formula that provides long-lasting protection without the harsh chemicals or odors found in conventional paints. 

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    24 Hours Dispatch

    Most furniture stores will make you wait for weeks, if not months, before shipping your product. At Sapiens Child, we try our best to have your product ready to ship within one day after placing your order, so you can enjoy it sooner and spend less time waiting.

    If you come to our store you can take it home right away.

    • Rounded corners, steady, non-toxic & eco-friendly materials.

    • Design for toddler-size dimensions.

    • Designed to fit all spaces.

    • The only one made in Vancouver, Canada

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